Ophelia Website Redesign

Ophelia aims to revolutionize the way individuals recover from opioid addiction by offering online medical treatment. They match patients with clinicians who provide counselling to support Suboxone prescriptions, which relieve withdrawal cravings. Ophelia required a website optimized to generate new patient leads.  

Fall 2022 

My Role
UX lead

The Team
Ivana Musich VP Products & Platforms
Petra Simpson Project Manager
Mark Ralph, UI Designer & Webflow Developer
Katie Maxfield Copywriter
Lara Tutton Analytics Lead
Camilo Moreno Account Supervisor

Ophelia required a website that spoke to sufferers of opioid use dependency (OUD) and communicated a clear value proposition, demonstrating how they provide care to prospective patients through simple content and illustrations. The website needed to convey credibility and legitimacy and serve as an introduction to potential insurance and health system partners.

Our process began with an in-depth discovery phase to understand the challenges faced by users suffering from OUD who are considering treatment. We conducted stakeholder and subject matter expert (SME) interviews, competitive reviews, and social listening of OUD groups on platforms such as Reddit. We also ran workshops with SMEs to better understand the website's landscape and role. I developed a content strategy and wireframes, and worked collaboratively with a copywriter and UI designer to create high-fidelity designs.

Within two months of the launch, the number of leads captured increased by over 500% compared to the previous site.

Discovery process

Discovery activities included:

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Competitive reviews
  • Search & keyword research
  • Social listening
  • Content workshop

We were unable to speak directly with sufferers of opioid use dependency and had to rely on social listening for insights. Reddit was a crucial platform in helping us better understand the challenges and mental models of potential patients.

Ophelia research

UX Strategy

The primary role of the website was to establish Ophelia’s legitimacy in the opioid treatment addiction space and drive to convert sign up of new patients

Ophelia Strategy

Information Architecture

Ophelia Sitemap

Content Strategy and Wireframing

Ophelia Wires

High fidelity design and component library 

Ophelia Screenshots


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